How To: Organize and Label Your MAC Palettes

Since I taught you how to depot last week, I thought I should help organize all those palettes. I’ve created some MAC palette label templates so you’ll never forget a product’s name again! Feel free to download, edit to include your product names, print, cut out, and attach to your palettes.


These are pre-sized to fit either inside the lid or on the back of the palette. If placed on the back, I recommend using some large adhesive shipping labels. They should work in MS Word and OpenOffice (free!), and you’ll be able to make font changes once you download. Please ignore how wonky they look on the Google Docs download page; I promise they look normal once you download.

Hope this is helpful, and feel free to email or tweet at me if you need extra help!

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How To: Get Loose, Beachy Curls

I just watched this tutorial and it answered so many questions! I’ve been trying to get this look for years with no success.

Follow along for beautiful summer hair. Can’t wait until mine grows out!!

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How To: Try On Brow Shapes Digitally

Before those of you with strong, beautiful brows get all pluck-happy, I thought I’d share a little trick of mine. Taaz is a great (free!) website where you upload a picture of yourself and try out lots of different looks. I use it quite frequently to try out hairstyles and colors.

They recently added a brow feature where you can gradually thin out your brows until you decide you like how they look. If you’re planning to go to a professional, I suggest printing out your Taaz picture and asking your stylist to use it as a guide. Check out what I did!


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Which tutorial format do you prefer?

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to figure out the best way to do tutorials, and I’m going to offer you a choice. Would you prefer pictures or videos? I’ve never made a video, but my sister left me her great camera when she moved. I could try one if people thing that would be more helpful. Thoughts?
Also, other than an evening look, are there any other requests?

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How To: Find the Right Hair Removal Method

Here’s an overview of popular hair removal methods, the pros and cons of each, and a suggestion for tools to use. I’m not covering laser hair removal because most women can’t afford it. If you’re interested, read about Charlotte’s experience on Lipglossiping.

Tweezing is probably the most common hair removal method for brows, and this is what I do most of the time. I suggest investing in a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror. Tweezermans can be purchased at Perfumania outlet stores for 50% off retail

  • PROS: Can be done at home and touched up anytime, doesn’t require many tools
  • CONS: Can be painful, takes time and patience if you have lots of brow hair

Waxing is also very common, but it’s not my preferred method for several reasons. 1) my sensitive skin doesn’t exactly react well to having wax ripped off it. 2) I don’t get control over the brow shape and I usually hate what salons do. If you choose this method, find a waxer who comes highly recommended by someone with great brows. Don’t be afraid to ask! Just say, “I couldn’t help but notice your lovely brows; do you get them waxed at a salon?”

  • PROS: Removes a number of hairs at once, so it’s a shorter process; can be great if you find an experienced waxer
  • CONS: Expensive over time, can end up with a bad shape, can be extremely painful, requires you to let hair grow out between waxes

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Guest blogging on Karla Sugar today…

Last week I worked on a swatching project for KarlaSugar’s blog, The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself (aka TNBTTGSY). Karla is basically a swatching god, so this is sort of a huge deal for me. She’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with :)

Head on over to her blog for my comparison of four eye primers and a plethora of other swatches!

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How To: Find the Right Brow Product and Color

Eyebrow Pencil: similar to eyeliner, this is a very popular choice; eyebrow pencils should be hard and require short strokes to apply—this will look more natural and be less likely to slide all over your forehead
Once set, these products stay in place for a long time. Good for women with sparse brows. Cult favorites include Shu Uemura’s Hard 9 Formula Brow Pencil ($22.00) and Maybelline’s Define-A-Brow ($6.99)
Can result in a drawn on look when applied improperly—remember to use short strokes and brush through with a clean spoolie brush
Eyebrow Powder: a pressed powder that is applied with an angled brush (e.g. MAC 266); powders should be matte and slightly ashy looking
Creates very natural looking brows. Good for women who need a bit of filling in. Favorites include MAC matte eyeshadows($14.50)
Needs to be set with brow gel or applied over a brow pencil for lasting power
Eyebrow Gel: Clear or colored product similar to mascara that is combed through the brows with a spoolie
Holds brow hairs in place. Good for women with unruly brows. Favorites include MAC Brow Set ($15.00) and Maybelline Great Lash Clear ($5.99)
Not intended to fill in brows, only to hold them in place and add a touch of color if needed
Grey/Salt & Pepper
Light, ashy taupe
Light/Medium Blonde
Ashy taupe
MAC Omega
Strawberry Blonde
Warm light brown
MAC Soft Brown
Light Brunette
Neutral light brown
MAC Wedge
Medium Brunette
Neutral medium brown
MAC Coquette
Dark Auburn
Warm medium brown
MAC Charcoal Brown
Dark Brunette/Black
Medium brown
MAC Copperplate or Folie
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How To: Find the Right Brow Shape

Great brows come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are balanced with a woman’s features and current makeup. What does this mean? If you have delicate features (like Diane Kruger or Alexis Bledel) your brows should be slightly lighter and thinner. If you have strong features (like Anne Hathaway or Rachel Weisz), your brows should be a little darker and fuller. If you were to wear a really strong smokey eye or bright colors, your eyebrows should be slightly lighter and thinner regardless of your features. If not, you run the risk of looking like a drag queen. Confused? Continue Reading →

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It’s brow week!

Most women seem to struggle with creating the perfect brows, so I’m dedicating this week to the cause.  This fits very well into the MLBB aesthetic because a great set of eyebrows helps you appear polished with less makeup.

If you don’t think brows make a difference, look at Susan Boyle!

There seem to be two sides of the brow struggle: you either have too much hair or too little hair. I’ll try to cover both this week—even though I am most definitely in the first category. I’ll also go over finding a good brow shape, hair removal methods, and filling in brows (if you need it).

What are your tips for great eyebrows?

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NYC Blushable Cream Sticks Review, Swatches

I picked up three of the new NYC Blushable Creme Sticks this weekend, and I can’t say enough good things about them! The cream-to-powder formula is wonderful and not greasy at all. They can be built up and set with blush for a bold look, or blended and set with translucent powder for a barely there flush. Plus, for $3.99 you get TONS of product.

Big Apple Red is a rosy pink, South St. Seashell is a bronzed peach,and Pink Flash is a bright pinky coral.

I’ve heard these being compared to the NARS Multiple sticks (which cost about 10x more), but I found the NARS sticks to be too greasy and shimmery for my taste. To me, these are like the new MAC Cremeblend blushes. I like the stick packaging because it means I don’t have to keep a separate cream blush brush or pick brush hairs out of my product. I wish the packaging were a little nicer looking, but at this price I can’t complain! These are just the right size for lips and cheeks, so I’ll probably keep one in my purse for the rest of the summer.

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