If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might have seen me post that the site was hacked. This did indeed happen and unfortunately it means I’ve lost the entire custom theme I spent months creating. Fortunately I did not lose my post history or photos since those were backed up. I have a lot to say on this topic, and I probably will soon because I’m sure my experience would be valuable to other bloggers.

The short story is that I am most likely leaving WordPress for good. It’s just not secure enough for me to run on my own, and I don’t ever want to get hacked again.

The good news is that I will most definitely keep blogging on another platform, probably under the same name. This catastrophe served as a wake up call to get back on track with blogging and get back to the parts I used to enjoy so much. I think I lost a lot of my enjoyment when I tried to make blogging a money-producing job instead of a hobby (not that I ever made much money from it). Time to get back to basics I think.

The best news is that, to my knowledge, none of your information or security was compromised due to the hack.

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  1. LIly S. June 7, 2013 at 4.47 pm #

    I know this happened a few months back and I just wondered how you were doing? I’ve always though things like this happened on Blogger which i’ve been on since 2008. I have about 20 single topic blogs on Blogger just to earn Adscense revenue. That might interest you if you ever decide to go with Blogger, you can have up to 100 Blogs and place up to 3 Google Ads on them, I have a Blog that I just post Mac’s upcoming collections on and it does quite well, I learned that from another blogger about making blogs just to post upcoming collections. BTW, I never receive followup comments and if you’re interested in going with Blogger I can help you set things up, though it’s pretty simple, just email me.

    • Natsuko February 8, 2014 at 10.54 am #

      渣兄 這個 Blog 的名字 會很特別 包你有 feel 你說的對 也提醒了我 我會作為那個 Blog 的blog 主 其他有意貼文的人 可以把文章先電郵給我 再由在下張貼 這更加可保障 [ 一定不會有人知是誰 ] 我更建議所有 [ 想 say something ] 的人 都以匿名 無須讓看倌知道是誰 大家會很快知道這個 Blog 的名字 包你覺得有 feel 陰陰咀笑

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