Happy New Year!

First some personal updates: my car was stolen (for a second time) and this time it was not recovered.¬†Shortly after that adventure I came down with strep throat and then the stomach flu, so I haven’t been running at full speed for a few weeks. I’m also wading through lots of paperwork and errands related to my “new” car (insurance, new tags, etc.)… being an adult is such a hassle sometimes!

I’m starting to get back into my routine and that means more posting! I’ve got a sale roundup coming up in a few minutes and a Birchbox review tomorrow, plus a new nail polish that I’m loving. I bought 2 new items this weekend with a gift card and I can’t wait to take photos and share (pray for a sunny day!)

Thanks to the car theft, a payroll transition, and an upcoming move, money is pretty tight right now so I’m also planning to start some kind of “use it up” project to get through all the things I’ve already purchased. Bonus: less stuff to pack up and move.


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