Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection for Summer 2012

Laura Mercier Belle Nouveau Collection for Summer 2012

Available May 2012

Laura’s inspiration for 2012 draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods. For Summer 2012, she invites you to escape to a dream world that explores creativity through color, taking inspiration from Art Nouveau’s innovative spirit and painted posters.

This poetic embrace of sugary happy tones in sheer textures sets the mood—soft but daring, playful yet romantic. The face is touched in clouds of color that bring sophistication without strong definition. Highlights include sheer milky pastel eyes and translucent lips printed in color. Skin is illuminated with a soft, healthy touch of bronzer and glow.

I love that Laura Mercier didn’t stick to only brights for summer – it’s so nice to see a variety of colors in this collection. These particular shades remind me a lot of a Lisa Eldridge tutorial using Biba makeup (link), which totally fits with the painterly vibe described above.

The only thing that threw me was the focus on cream textures, which usually don’t last that well in hot weather. Some of these are described as matte, so perhaps they have a long-wearing formula, but the name Sheer Creme Eye Color just doesn’t strike me as something that will last through a summer afternoon.

Sheer Creme Eye Color ($22.00)

  • Mauve Pastel Pale lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Grey Pastel Cool light grey (Limited Edition)
  • Aqua Pastel Pale teal (Limited Edition)

Caviar Eye Stick ($24.00)

  • Turquoise Blue green with shimmer (Limited Edition)

Long Lash Mascara ($24.00)

  • Bleu True cobalt (Limited Edition)

Lip Glace ($24.00)

  • Camellia Fuchsia pink (Limited Edition)
  • Orange Tulip Light orange (Limited Edition)
  • Lotus Blossom Light pink (Limited Edition)

Creme Lip Print ($20.00)

  • Nude Beige Bronze matte (Limited Edition)
  • Nude Coral Red orange matte (Limited Edition)
  • Nude Pink Light pink matte (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($18.00)

  • Lavender Cloud Pale violet (Limited Edition)

Sheer Creme Color ($35.00)

  • Copper Glow Veil Bronze with shimmer (Limited Edition)

Body Bronzing Makeup ($38.00) (Limited Edition)

Mauve Pastel, Grey Pastel, Aqua Pastel

Turquoise Caviar Eye Stick, Bleu Long Lash Mascara

Camellia, Lotus Blossom, Orange Tulip

Nude Beige

Nude Coral

Nude Pink

Lavender Cloud

Copper Glow Veil

Body Bronzing Makeup

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  1. Tanni April 16, 2012 at 1.13 pm #

    The collection looks pretty! I’m wanting Lotus Blossom and Nude Beige.

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