A few photos from my sister’s wedding…

We got some photos from the lovely photographer, Lauren Wright, and my sister gave me the OK to use them on the blog now that she’s back from her honeymoon. I’m only in one picture in this preliminary batch and of course I look like a total goon, but that’s ok because my sister looks beautiful and, more importantly, happy :)

In case anyone’s interested, I’ll include info about her makeup at the bottom of the post.

My sister and her husband are both Georgia Tech alumni, so they rented the Tech Trolley for the wedding party and took tons of photos. The groomsmen even decorated it with Just Married signs for the big departure!

Makeup Breakdown

Christina is normally a minimal makeup wearer and wanted a very natural look for the wedding. Since she lives out of town we actually didn’t get much time to practice (nervous!) but we discussed her vision pretty thoroughly. She wanted glowing/blushing bride with no heavy eye makeup whatsoever. The groom also requested that he could still recognize her :P

I primed her face with Cerave PM moisturizer, which has a light texture and helps reduce redness. Then I applied Cover Girl Natureluxe foundation in shade 310 Flax with clean fingers, making sure to blend down the jawline. We tried a few other foundations beforehand, including Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, but they gave way more coverage than we were looking for. I followed up with TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer in Light applied with an EcoTools synthetic concealer brush.

Christina had pinned a picture from my BECCA Watermelon Beach Tint review to her wedding board, so I applied that to her cheeks with a Real Techniques stippling brush. Afterward I dusted on some Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder with my Real Techniques powder brush**

For the eyes, I started with MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot and a MAC 217 brush, which allowed me to get into the corners of the eye without poking. Then I laid down some MAC Tissueweight on the lid with a Crown fluff brush, followed by MAC Vanilla in the inner corner and just under the brow using a MAC 239 brush. I buffed a mixture of MAC Cork and MAC Quarry into the socket with a clean MAC 217 brush, with a little extra focus on the outer corner.

I used an EcoTools liner brush to push a mix of Bobbi Brown Grey & Espresso into her lashline and a clean angled brush to apply some MAC Copperplate in her brows. I finished up with a set of #70 lashes by Andrea ModLash using Duo lash glue. This was my first time applying lashes to someone else, and I had trouble getting the ends to stay down, so I ended up using more glue than I should have. Sorry, Christina!

Just before we left I applied some MAC Gem of Roses lipstick with a Make Up For Ever 3N lip brush.

** My aunt actually asked me if the Real Techniques brushes I brought were sable because she couldn’t believe that synthetic brushes had such a realistic texture! I still very much recommend these.


7 Responses to A few photos from my sister’s wedding…

  1. Christina March 20, 2012 at 10.17 am #

    Thanks so much for doing my makeup as well as everyone in the bridal party! You did a fantastic job.

    Note to readers, the makeup lasted from 3 pm until midnight with no reapplication except for lipstick. Sweat proof and photo finish friendly!

    • Katie March 20, 2012 at 2.12 pm #

      Haha, minus the slight incident with the false lashes, which started peeling off around 10pm after dancing :)

  2. liloo March 20, 2012 at 2.19 pm #

    gorgeous photos, she looks so happy, everything is perfect.
    love the first photo which looks like ‘omg check out my dress, i am like a princess and i am getting married’. i love the bouquet too xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  3. Ashley March 21, 2012 at 3.47 am #

    Congratulations to your sister and new brother-in-law! She looks so happy and beautiful!

  4. Yessie March 21, 2012 at 10.24 pm #

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! She looks beautiful!

  5. Melissa April 26, 2013 at 11.25 pm #

    I know this post is a year old, but congrats to your sister and brother-in-law! :) She looks gorgeous, and I love her makeup! Thanks so much for posting how you applied it and what brushes you used. I’m trying to play around with make up, but have no clue what I’m doing. Also, GO JACKETS!!! I’m a ChBE here at Tech :) :)

    • Katie May 19, 2013 at 1.47 pm #

      Thanks! I’m glad it was helpful


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