Haus of Gloi Troika Bubbling Scrub

After several weeks of reading raves about Haus of Gloi, I broke down and placed an order.

I went HOG WILD! Get it? Haus of Gloi... HOG? Oh fine then.

Haus of Gloi is a small, cruelty-free brand that started on Etsy but now has its own site. They specialize in beautifully crafted scents, natural ingredients, and creative formulations at reasonable prices. I was particularly intrigued by this product description

Our soft bubbling scrub is made from scratch and never a base! A delightfully scrubby and lightly foaming confection. Our foaming base is whipped until it produces soft peaks, similar to that of whipped cream. A blend of two sugars is then folded in, both fine and medium grain for fantastic scrubbing and polish it off with a heaping scoop of shea butter to leave you cleansed and smooth but never dried out.

I’ve been searching for a good body scrub without much luck. I quite like the LUSH Ocean Salt I reviewed a few weeks ago, but it’s really expensive and the margarita scent doesn’t appeal to me as much in this cold weather. Fortunately, these Bubbling Scrubs tick off all the right boxes and then some.

Troika is described as a trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white. I smell all of those things except sweet agave nectar, and that’s probably because I don’t know what the heck sweet agave nectar is. I mostly get sweet almond (my favorite) and some sort of clean linen scent. The scent is sweet and quite powerful.

The scrub itself is really hard to describe. It’s extremely moisturizing because of the shea butter, but has a semi-dry texture. Imagine shavings of the richest, creamiest soap imaginable mixed with tons of fine sugar for exfoliation.

I really like using this on my hands and feet before an at-home mani/pedi because it leaves them soft and smooth. I also like to use it as a body exfoliant, however I wouldn’t recommend using it on facial skin. My skin feels clean but not squeaky clean afterward — I consider this a good thing. I also don’t feel like I need to use another body wash after this, as I do with some oily exfoliants.

These scrubs are a great deal for the price, and I would happily pay more considering the quality (shh, don’t tell HoG!). For $8.00 you get 6 oz. of product, which is about 3x less expensive than LUSH Ocean Salt. In my mind, the only downside about HoG is that it’s a small company and they can’t quite keep up with the demand right now, especially considering they are having trouble with their suppliers at the moment.

Grade: A

Availability: Haus of Gloi

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3 Responses to Haus of Gloi Troika Bubbling Scrub

  1. Phyrra November 20, 2010 at 2.43 am #

    I highly recommend Satyr, as it’s my favorite scent by them :) Their scrubs are awesome.

    • Katie November 20, 2010 at 11.54 pm #

      I’m loving the scrubs so far… and anticipate another order before the year is out since I’m using them up quickly. I’ll look into Satyr!


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