MAC Creme Anglaise Cremesheen Glass Review

2010-06-014I’m not big on lip gloss. I find most to be sticky and unpleasant, not to mention the inevitable problem of hair-to-lip contact. It’s something you never think about until you’re driving down the highway thrashing around like a madwoman in an attempt to detach your hair from your face. The cute head flip just doesn’t cut it – and you end up looking like Will Ferrell in Night At The Roxbury.

MAC’s regular glosses are (in my opinion) particularly bad for this reason, and I’ve avoided them in the past. I happened to find a Cremesheen Glass ($18.00 for 0.08 fl. oz) on sale at my local Cosmetics Company Outlet (post coming soon) and figured it was worth a shot. I swatched it on my hand and voila! no stickiness! I fell in love with the color Creme Anglaise (discontinued)  and took it home with me.

Apart from the ridiculously high price per ounce, these glosses are almost perfect. There’s no shimmer, which I prefer not to wear on my lips, and they’re moisturizing like a balm. This is great for me because it means less stuff to carry around.

The lasting power isn’t great, but I find the darker ones leave a bit of color behind when they fade. I would say you’d need to reapply every hour or two if you’d like permanently shiny lips, but to be honest I never remember to do that. They smell like all the other MAC lip products – a light vanilla.

Although Creme Anglaise was limited edition, MAC’s recent Too Fabulous collection brought back the Cremesheen Glasses and made them part of the permanent line.

Bottom Line: Lovely glosses but they’ll quickly disappear with frequent use.

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3 Responses to MAC Creme Anglaise Cremesheen Glass Review

  1. Selena June 3, 2010 at 3.08 pm #

    I love them too! So much better than the lipglass!

  2. My Lips But Better June 3, 2010 at 8.13 pm #

    Agree completely! I'm working on a review for tomorrow about a similarly awesome gloss from YSL.

  3. elanor March 25, 2011 at 3.32 pm #

    this is awesome glass

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