How do you deal with poor customer service?

I had a terrible experience with some salespeople at Nordstrom while visiting my sister this week. They were snooty and rude about me wanting to swatch a few mid-market products and take photos of my arm (despite me asking if it was okay first). Maybe they just wrote me off because they thought I wouldn’t be a good sale – unfortunately for them I was planning to make a purchase after doing my swatches, but decided not to after my poor treatment.


This left me wondering. Although I’ve never experienced that particular situation in my hometown, I have run across cosmetics salespeople who just rubbed me the wrong way. I was once told that I’m “one shade off paper” – this may be true, but there are more polite ways to phrase it. While out shopping with my mother, we had a saleswoman completely ignore our wishes and put on colors we requested she not use. I imagine these are pretty common occurrences.

How do you deal with snooty, rude, or pushy salespeople? What do you do if salespeople follow you around the store and watch your every move? Do you just not buy anything so they don’t get a commission? Do you boycott all the stores if it’s a chain, or do you just avoid that location? What if it’s a department store counter? Do you contact customer service?

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  1. Jayme June 4, 2010 at 3.30 pm #

    I dont mind being followed, i know it is not that they want to follow you around but most stores in retail make them (i used to have to do this to keep my job at a department store).
    However, they have no reason to be rude. If i have a mildly rude sales person i will just not get anything from them and if i must go where they work request the help of a diffrent employee. If however they are extremely rude i will report them to customer service.

  2. GlossQueen June 4, 2010 at 5.24 pm #

    I hate bad customer service! If I get bad service somewhere I don't buy from them and I never go back there. If it's really bad I'll write to the store or the company and complain.

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