Storage Tip: Depot Your MAC Products!

Depotting Depotting is a great way to organize and streamline your makeup collection. I used to resist putting my makeup into palettes. I kept convincing myself I needed the single items for portability. I pretended I was a glamorous jetsetter who needs to reapply frequently lest the paparazzi snap an unflattering photo. But honestly, I never fix makeup other than lip products during the day, and it’s plenty easy to take only a few depots along on a trip (I’ll go over this in another post).

I’m going to go over depotting MAC products first because they run a great recycling program called Back 2 MAC. Basically, you bring 6 empty MAC containers to a store and they’ll let you pick a free product. At counters, you can pick any eye shadow; at freestanding stores you have a choice of shadow, lipstick, or gloss. If you’re not near a MAC retailer, you can also mail them in somehow. According to my store, it’s completely fine to bring in plastic packaging without the metal pans.

Once you depot, you’ll need a palette. Eye shadow and blush palettes can be purchased directly from MAC or you can purchase similar ones for less at Coastal Scents.

MAC palettes have metal inside so you’ll need to place individual magnets on each pan. Self-adhesive magnets can be purchased at any craft supply store.

Coastal Scents palettes have magnets inside so you don’t need to put one on. The only issue is that you won’t be able to put in MAC Pro Palette Refills (sold without the plastic packaging) because those come with magnets. So why not purchase everything as a refill? First, none of the limited edition products are available as refills. Second, you also can’t use your B2M empties to get a refill pan.

Buying a palette shouldn’t limit you to one brand. There are great products out there that fit into MAC palettes! NYX Cosmetics (sold at ULTA) shadow trios can be depotted, and Stars Makeup Haven sells refill shadows without magnets (purchase from Stars Makeup Haven or All Cosmetics Wholesale).
Here’s a list of common pan sizes, given as diameter in millimeters:

  • 26mm: MAC, Stars Makeup Haven, Smashbox, Jane, Urban Decay, Becca, NYX
  • 36mm: ULTA eye shadow, L’Oreal HIP duos, Too Faced, Urban Decay blush
  • 44mm: MAC blush, NYX blush

You can also purchase ‘freestyle’ palettes from Yaby Cosmetics or Z Palette, but I’m way too nitpicky about organization for that :)

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