Our beauty philosophy…

It’s so easy to forget what real women look like when all we see is nip, tuck, lighting, and airbrushing. We forget that even the hottest celebrities wake up with unruly hair, baggy undereyes, and inflamed pimples. In order to meet impossible beauty standards, some women feel forced to apply tons of makeup. I’m not one of those people, and I don’t think most women want to make that part of their routines.


I’m creating this blog for women who want friends and coworkers to say “she looks pretty” not “she has nice makeup.” I hope to help you create looks that feel comfortable, polished, and sexy. I’m going to present techniques and products to help you achieve that bright-eyed, glowing look at any age.  I also hope to help you create subtle variations in your makeup routine.

I’m still figuring out how to best present my ideas and what sorts of features people will most enjoy reading. I’m planning on some tutorials, product reviews, haul posts, swatches, and of course giveaways! If you have any suggestions (or if you just want to tell me you read this!), please email or tweet @mylipsbutbetter

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One Response to Our beauty philosophy…

  1. Anonymous May 27, 2010 at 6.27 pm #

    i think your concept is good, i share the same sentiments about looking pretty vs. nice makeup. im looking forward to reading what you've got to share, thank you for writing! :)

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