It’s brow week!

Most women seem to struggle with creating the perfect brows, so I’m dedicating this week to the cause.  This fits very well into the MLBB aesthetic because a great set of eyebrows helps you appear polished with less makeup.

If you don’t think brows make a difference, look at Susan Boyle!

There seem to be two sides of the brow struggle: you either have too much hair or too little hair. I’ll try to cover both this week—even though I am most definitely in the first category. I’ll also go over finding a good brow shape, hair removal methods, and filling in brows (if you need it).

What are your tips for great eyebrows?

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One Response to It’s brow week!

  1. Aimee May 25, 2010 at 1.04 pm #

    My best tip for eyebrows is to try before you pluck! Buy a quite pale stick or creme concealer, and use it to try out some brow shapes. When you've found what works for you, plucking is a breeze– just pluck the concealer hairs!

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