How To: Depot Your MAC Shadows & Blushes

Depotting single MAC products is fairly easy, but since we’ll be working with a flat iron I feel obligated to advise caution. Be careful and don’t burn yourself!


There are a number of methods out there including a ‘no heat’ version. I couldn’t make that work for me at all, so here’s my version. You’ll need:

  • Flat iron (1” for shadows, 2” for blushes)
  • MAC products to depot
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton buds
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Tweezers


1. Heat up flat iron and open up your MAC shadow (or blush)

2. Find the groove between the top and bottom of the packaging

3. Push screwdriver into the groove

4. Twist screwdriver so that the top and bottom snap apart


5. Always using the tweezers, place top portion of packaging on your flat iron. Check the plastic frequently. You’re looking for the plastic to be hot and malleable, but not melting. Mine takes about 30-40 seconds, but every iron is different.

6. When malleable, flip the shadow over on your table and gently poke with the screwdriver until the pan falls out. If it’s being difficult, use the screwdriver to lift the pan out. Be careful or your shadow will crack!

7. Let the pieces cool off and be amazed at how much glue is on the pan.

8. Snap the plastic part back into the rest of the packaging.


9. Dip a cotton bud in the rubbing alcohol and rub the glue until it dissolves. I usually need both sides of 1 cotton bud per eye shadow pan. If the rubbing alcohol bleeds onto the edge of the shadow, don’t worry! It will evaporate and your shadow will be fine. That’s why I don’t use Goo Gone, which would probably work faster :)

10. Close lid on the packaging and place it on the flat iron for 10-15 seconds. While waiting, admire your shiny pan.

11. Use screwdriver (or tweezers) to gently peel off the label.

12. Using the leftover sticker adhesive, apply the label to the back of your pan. If you’ll be using a magnet, apply the magnet first and then the label so you can still read it!

What’s your favorite depotting method? Which palettes do you use?

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